What Was Is Now Better

Back in to the whole Croatia thing, since I can’t really seem to let it be. The Croatian goverment watches where their money comes from and they know that the bulk of it is tourism these days. So, naturally they put a lot of money in to their tourism board. It really does show with them in the main site, www.croatia.hr.
This site used to be really good. There were pictures and destinations that made you want to visit so incredibly badly. They recently re-worked it and it’s even better than it was before. It’s a little overwhelming in the amount of information that they throw at you, but if you’re going (and you should go) it’s the site to visit.
On a smaller note, I was really happy that it seems the site is much more friendly to Firefox and Opera now. Someone must have looked at the web stats and saw how much of these browsers there are now as opposed to a few years ago when the first iteration of the site went up.