What the Huh?

So, the new Apple Mini is shipping today. Let me emphasize that it is shipping and not that I’ve had one shipped to me. To be honest, I just don’t flat out trust the things. Apples have had some pretty poor construction lately. Despite the fact that this machine is base don the old tried and true G4 (by the way, what’s up with this, I thought G5’s were the way of the future?!!) the compact architecture makes me queasy based on what I’ve seen with their iBooks and 12″ PowerBooks. Hell, to be honest, you can part a Buick inside the G5 PowerMacs and they’re still crap.
But, just for the sake of curiosity, I went to the Apple Store and priced out one of these things with all the parts you need to make it work since it doesn’t come with a mouse, keyboards, or even enough memory to function properly. That came out to around $650. Okay, fair enough, that’s more than a PC, but it’s still less than most other Macs. There’s one minor bit in that that’s not including a monitor. You put that in there and suddenly this thing costs $800 and that’s the bottom rung of the ladder to use it. Nuts, right? Oh, not just yet.
I decided to fully spec out one of these puppies and put in all the options that you could put on there, which in reality isn’t very much since it’s a compact platform. The net cost? $1451! Once again, that’s without a screen. To put this in to perspective, you get get a G5 PowerMac for $1499 these days. Yes it needs more ram, but it has nearly everything that this $1451 Mini costs. And of course, yes, there is no screen. That’s extree.
Most likely these expensive pieces of junk will probably catch on just like everything Mac, but people are brainwashed if they think they’re a good deal, because they simple and without a doubt are not.