What the Hell Happened to Liz Phair?

What is this new crap that Phair has out these days? It’s like some kind of over-produced Kelly Clarkson garbage. Don’t get me wrong, Liz looks great and still, but this song (that I can’t even remember the name of, it’s so bad) is closer to being country than anything else.
While The Cardigans were never hardedged, despite their Sabbath covers, their change to a more country-like sound is all right by me. It’s not my favorite album of theirs, but it playable and is fine. But with Liz, she used to be a rocker. She was that tough, blonde chick with lyrics like “You fuck like a volcano” which had to be bleeped out on the MTV. This whiny, wimpy stuff isn’t just annoying, bland music, it’s just bad songwriting. It’s insanely weak and I’m amazed that it’s still in rotation.
I really hate to say it, but I might have to go so far as accusing Liz of selling out. I say that hesitantly because if the album doesn’t sell well, then you can’t really accuse someone of that now, can you? It’s not like Carlos Santana who truly did blow it all to do his last album, although that is by far and away a much better album than Liz’s brand new drink coaster. I know we all have to make sacrifices to make a living, but there’s that step you take, which is simply one too many and think she’s made it.