What the Hell are Shants?

So, I figured that we might as round out these themeless week in Hudin land with a little bit of fashion, what’s up with that?
I must mention what I have term to be the “shants”. What these are, are these shorts/pants things that the ladies have been wearing around a lot these days (also called the “cropped pant” by the retail shops.) Essentially some idiot fashion designer high on coke realized that these were in fashion a long time ago and that they must absolutely be brought back because idiot fashion designers think of nothing new these days. The only problem is that no one really seemed to understand how to bring them back.
The old ones looked like golfing pants and were somewhat reasonable on the right girl if she kind of had that naughty librarian out for a picnic sort of thing going on. There were all these accoutrement that were needed to pull this off though, such as the scarf, the right shoe, some kind of legging thing, and a whole bunch of other crap I’m not really too up on. Regardless, it worked. The girls that wore these and wore them right were sexy and I liked it. I liked it a lot.
Here we are today and all the girls seem to want to try and do these things without all the other parts you need to make it work. They’re wearing t-shirts and high heels with them for instance. One girl I saw was wearing knee-high boots and she looked like a GI Joe action figure because where the boot stopped and the shants began looked bizarre.
So let me just say as a boy who really, really likes the ladies, these are doing nothing for y’all. I don’t care how much money you spend or what kind of figure you have, these things look damned silly and just off balance. Girls can look great in shorts (especially tiny ones), capris (especially leggy ones), and in long pants (especially Italian ones) but these bastard things are just hell. Stay away ladies, stay the bejesus away.