What Happened to Mr. Dean?

It’s pretty amazing how fast Howard Dean’s campaign just fell to pieces. While he claims he’s being strategic, I don’t see how, after not running ads and pretty much not really competing in the races of seven states next Tuesday how he can really be in the race still.
It is a shame afterall, since he was really shaking up the system and giving the Democratic party a much need kick in the spine and attacking the Republicans where they’re weak, which is namely in giving a damn about anyone but themselves and their ultra-rich donators. In Dean’s defense, I can understand where he’s coming from, since it would be much the same if I were to run in the race, since I tend to speak my mind and that was what Dean was really doing in the end. But, naturally, honestly does not a good politician make.
I wonder if Kerry will suceed where Dean has failed and if Kerry will really be able to take on Bush Boy. He stands a decent chance, since, afterall, he was fighting in Vietnam when Bush was AWOL from the National Gaurd, safe at home in the US of A. Kerry has a decent message and I think he stands a chance. But, honestly, if the Democrats can’t win back the presidency this year, they should just fold up and not bother in this whole political thing anymore. I mean, there are so many gaping chinks in the armor of Bush and so many things are coming out now that finally, factually state what a damnable bastard he is, that to not be able to rip into that would be amazingly incompetent. Of course, Gore wasn’t able to do it in 2000, so you never know what will happen.
The only thing I know for sure is that the internet has really become an important part of campaigning now due to Dean and I’m thankful for that as it seems to be the only way that us “little” guys can be heard at this juncture.