What Are We Doing?

It was with great disdain and furious anger that my toaster oven suddenly died on me. Basically what happened was that a well-meaning relative bought me what seemed to be a very nice GE toaster over from Walmart of all places. I had had it for about a year and then, one day the top heating elements stopped working. This of course make it not able to toast things very well and thusly not able to really work at all. It was all a large frustration as I’ve become addicted to dark chocolate melted on toast with a light drizzle of olive oil and kosher salt. Sounds weird, but damn is it good. It’s also not too easy to do without a toaster oven.
So, with those elements going out, I figured that this appliance would be like most good appliances in that you can replace critical components of it, like a heating element. Seeing a need to use my screwdrivers, I dug in to it with great fervor. That’s when I discovered this. What the hell is this? It was made in China, but put together in Mexico or something? What is happening here? Why have we lost the technology to make a toaster oven? There’s nothing digital in this thing. It’s quite simple really with four highly resistive elements that heat up to toast things.
In the end, it turned out that like most junk built these days, you can’t replace the elements. They’re wired in series, so if one goes, they both go and to replace either of them is not possible due to the construction. I suppose they figure that because it’s $50, that you’ll just get a new one when it goes. Obviously I have to get a new one to get my chocolate toast thing happening again, but it looks like I’ll have to spend more money to get something that will last.
As a last testament to my hatred of waste, I spent two hours breaking the piece of junk down to its base components so that I could put it in to the recycling bins and only be forced to toss out the smallest amount of waste. I figure it’s the least I can do and am now off to find a new toaster oven. Maybe one that is Hecho en Los Estados de Unidos.