What a Load

Man, I understand why people get so jaded about voted. For one thing, we just have too many damned elections. For another, it seems like most things fail.
As of right now, both statewide propositions and all the local SF measures were defeated. It harks back to Arnold’s special election last year where every damned thing was defeated and even that goober couldn’t put a positive spin on that.
Some of the measures did deserve to be stopped, but we’re just so damned devisive about things now that I wonder how a 50.5% NO to a 49.5% YES is still seen as a majority. I guess until more people get out there to vote and actually think about the things they’re voting on, we’ll keep seeing this wishy-washy kind of result.
The ones that really get me are the undecided voters, of whom there seem to be more and more with each election. If you’re undecided within a week or even a month of the election, that just means you’re lazy. You know the issues. You know the people. How the hell have you not made up your mind? Of course, this kind of abject stupidity isn’t just American. In the last Italian national election, it was something like 20-25% of the voters there were undecided going in to the election.
I guess that a lot of this is because people and issues just aren’t are strong as they used to be. We have the luxury of most major problems being solved in this country. Yeah, think about it. We have no widespread hunger, disease, or poverty problems. Yes, these problems still exist, but come on, it’s not like the East African Horn where people are starving to death. So, without these driving problems, we’re just kind of nitpicking things to death and it appears that people are getting tired of it as reflected by crappy voter turnouts, a mere 1-5% of difference in the results, and all these undecided folks.