Wedding of Friends

Friend WeddingAh, the wedding. Tis the season I suppose. Seems like everyone is doing it, so why not? And I guess that was the hardest part about being at a wedding by yourself and single. You see all these glowing people around you who are married or engaged or expecting their first child. Anyways, I suppose that when you’re approaching 30, these things start to sink in more.
But as for the ceremony, it was great. Dinko (the groom) is Bosnian and his wife Ana, is Macedonian. So, the wedding was blend of those Balkan cultures and some American bits thrown in. It was fun to see pretty much all of former Yugoslavia represented and those that were there were smart enough to leave the war conversations out of everything. A very, very good call, since I think 96% of all fights in Balkans start from such talk.