We Want for Proper Washers

Remember back when Clinton outlawed top loading washing machines? Yeah, me too. I thought that was pretty cool. He got a lot of flack for it because at the time, front loaders were about $800, while you could pick up a top loader for $200. Of course, we all knew that the cost would come down once it was the case that we all bought top loading machines. The benefits were endless in that: the clean better, use less water, use less power, are smaller, and require fewer cleaning chemicals.
Whatever happened to this? Top loaders are still available and far outnumber the front loaders in appliance showrooms. Front loaders are still incredibly expensive and those that there are, are gigantic hunks of crap that take up as much space as a fridge. My apartment building replaced the old top loader machines in the middle of last year with brand spankin’ new… top loader machines that clean just about as badly as the previous ones, except now with a digital display telling you the scant number of minutes until your clothes will finish being dampened, yet not fully cleaned. Woo. Hoo.
This has been a sore spot for me as I am only human in that I like my clothes to be clean when I wash them, but a 42 minute cycle in a top loader does nothing to wash the clothes. Admittedly, when you use your own machine (not the communal apartment one) and set it to an hour+ for the cycle, things get a bit better. But in reality, whatever clothes I want cleaned thoroughly, I take to Spain with me. After one or two washes, everything the US washing machines couldn’t get out is gone. It’s not like I sweat out pork fat or anything, well, actually, I might while in Spain, which again goes to show how much better the machines are in Europe.
Oh yeah, they’re actually less than US machines. You can pick up a front loader for as little as €100. While that’s going to be a brand like, ‘Kumchushitshu’, even the most expensive machines are only about €400. They do have top loaders as well, but they’re just to save space and they’re this genius system, where they still have the washing drum sideways, but with a hatch in the top where you toss everything in. I’m assuming that they do just as good a job as their larger counterparts, albeit with a smaller load.
I keep looking at these top loader versions and wonder if somehow I can take one on a future flight back to the US. Everyone in Spain has a washing machine in their apartment and I feel like I’m missing out because of this. Sure, the hookups would be a pain, seeing as how there are none in my place, but I’m still wondering if somehow I can take one of these back and enjoy the freshness of a properly washed shirt at home. Now that I think about it, I’m sure you can find some guy on the East Coast importing these directly from Europe. But why do I have to go through all that? Why, for being such a behemoth in the world economy do we not have such simple machines for us to use. Let me raise my fists to the sky and give another good, Why?!!!!!!!!
We Want for Proper Washers

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  1. yeah, also give us toilets that actually flush well, without using 6gpf, and how about some windows that open in, that you can actually wash :)

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