More advances in Ethiopic

It was very cool to see that Google now has transliteration for Ethiopic scripts available across a great many of its systems, including GMail. Despite what my brother-in-law thinks about the fact he spend untold hours figuring out how to insert a turd icon with or without flies in to a GMail message, I find this to be a vastly more useful tool, especially how loath hardware manufacturers are to making something just for the African market and Ehtiopic keyboards not being in high supply.
The only downside to it is that it requires the rich text interface which is a bit more bandwidth intensive for things. If your latency isn’t super low, there is also a response time issue with the suggestions as well as actual transliteration which I didn’t think was working at first. Also, you have to noodle around a bit to find out how to turn it on, although instructions are here.
I am impressed though with how they made it smart enough to transliterate sounds. As opposed to going from say, Croatian Latin characters to Serbian Cyrillic characters which is a one-to-one exchange, this required a good deal more work and thinkifying. I just question as to how well it works as I did an easy transliteration up top, which as you see from this Coca Cola photo is considerably off unless these are just variations of the fonts in different formats as it did take those eight characters with four syllables and produce four letters with four syllables as it should have. Guess we’ll see where this heads in times.
More advances in Ethiopic

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  1. Yeah, there was a glitch in the code where I linked to a Wikipedia article. Thanks for the link though.

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