Way to run a campaign, tree killers

In San Francisco most of us recycle, reuse, compost (they have a truck that picks it up), bicycle, take public transit, walk, and do a huge number of many things that make us an incredibly “green” city. Then, as it happens every year and will tomorrow, we have an election and all that goes out the window. As you can see in the shot above, this is what I found literally smashed in to my mailbox (my mail carrier is little more than a somewhat trained monkey) on Saturday. There was no actual mail for me, only flyers by all the candidates for mayor and various propositions, for one voter. Seems a tad wasteful, no?

This is in addition to the multiple robocalls I’ve been receiving daily. Then there is also the damn near hourly campaign spam I receive due to running a neighborhood website. Because of this, I unregistered myself from any political party. It probably won’t cut down on this crap, but it can’t hurt. Polls tomorrow!

2 Replies to “Way to run a campaign, tree killers”

  1. Unregistering won’t help. I am not a member of either party and they almost broke my mailbox on Saturday: the door would not even close completely. And, to add insult to injury, there was an at&t bill hidden right in the middle of all this spam.

  2. Depressing. I had to turn off my phone today as it was just robocalls all day long.

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