Watch Your Wallet and Don’t Stay at Heathrow

We ended up staying at the Comfort Inn by Heathrow. Yeah, I know… why? There were two reasons. One is that I was flying in and out of London because I didn’t know exactly where my trip was going to take me this summer. So, I chose the place with the most budget airline connections. The second reason that I stayed near Heathrow was because my flight was out of there in the morning and no budget airline got there early enough to make it on time. Well, no budget airline got to Heathrow for an affordable price early enough. Many would get to London early enough, but the hour sprint from Gatwick or Stanstead made it impossible to get to my flight check in at 9AM. Also, the hotels near the airport were a great deal cheaper than anything in the center.
Obviously, this all backfired on me because even though Comfort said that they were within walking distance of Heathrow, they lied. The walk would have probably taken an hour if it was possible. It was not possible because there is no pedestrian traffic allowed anywhere near Heathrow. Thus, you need to take the Hotel Hoppa. Admittedly, it’s a convenient service, but at the same time, it’s a damned expensive service and one you have to take, because you have no other choice to get to your hotel. The cost? A “mere” four pounds. Per person. Per one way ride. Yes, that’s right, with today’s exchange rates, it will cost you about $32 round trip for two on this thing and it goes less than four miles! It’s a real racket for whoever is running it.
So, in the end, the 60 quid hotel room that we found was really 76. For those prices, you can find something damned near the same price and somewhat center-ish. Moral of the story: don’t bother staying near the airport. Sure, it saves you that hour ride in the morning (and with a Tube strike, a bit more time) but from a cost perspective it just cheaper not to stay there. Happy travels!
Watch Your Wallet and Don't Stay at Heathrow