Watch Your Gym Look

Right about now, you’re probably wondering, “Why oh why did I eat that third slice of pie?” Maybe not. But as is usually the case, most folks start to think about the pounds this time of year. I know that I’ve put on a couple in recent weeks, but that’s mostly due to this damned cold. It’s hard to have a coughing fit while working the eliptical.
Finally though, I have made it to the gym again and some of the people I see there crack my ass up. One such fellow was this guy who had a bit of a belly and after every whatever-the-hell he was doing on some angled machine, he would do this little side to side dance thing. He was obviously in to his music and in to himself, since it was pretty funny looking. A lot like a Chris Katan “Mango” routine on SNL. But after a few of these, he would bop/dance over to the freeweights and do the same thing with them. It’s like I was watching someone who did X before going down for a workout. Had there been a pacifier in his mouth, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
I realize that we’re all at the gym to look our best and be in shape and that some of us are in different stages of that quest, but if you’re going to dance around, I’m going to notice and I’m probably going to laugh. The floor of the gym is no place for freeweight dancing, just as the sauna at the gym is place to bop in to naked. Wear a freakin’ towel! I don’t care what shape you’re in. I have absolutely, positively, no interest in seeing another man naked when it doesn’t have to be so. I’m not homophobic. I just find the general hairy, lumpiness of the male body pretty unappealing. Word.