Watch movies for free

Are you getting tired of paying $9.50 a person when going out to the movies and hearing the production companies whining about how they aren’t making any money? Well, here’s a simple way to get around the paying part:
Before movies come out in large metropolitan areas, they will usually always have a screening beforehand. This is for critics and to get the word of mouth out about the film. These aren’t just for the critics though, as many many, common folks just like you and I get into these as well. How you might ask? Movie companies pass out passes to these screenings before the use –usually a week in advance and anyone who has one can go to the screening. Chnaces are, you probably know someone who works at a place where they get these passes. Typically anyone in media will get them. But, even if you don’t you can sometimes find them at video stores and you will always hear about them on the radio.
There are some cataches to this system though. Firstly, you have to live in a prety good-sized city to pull it off. Secondly, you have to stand in line with a lot of other people, which requires getting to the screening early in order to get in, since they pass out more passes than the theater can hold, which means some folks won’t get in.
If you can pull it off though, you’ll get to see a lot of movies for free, which in this day and age of it costing $19-$20 for two to watch a film can be a great savings.