Warnings all over the place

What’s has happened to this country that we live in? It seems that there is the assumption that we need warnings palced on every single item and every single action so that people don’t do anything stupid and so they can’t sue a company if they do.
Case in point is my new cellphone. In addition to all the standard warnings (don’t talk while driving, don’t drive while talking) it has this warning when you change the volume of the ring stating that too loud a ring may cause hearing damage. You got to kidding me! Is someone really going to be that stupid that they have the ring turned up loud and keep sticking the phone up their ear, while thinking, “Funny, wonder why I’m getting hearing damage. Wish something had warned me…” Argh!
What amazes me about all this is just a few years ago steam radiators were extremely common is apartments and homes. Yes, these things were dangerous, because if you touched them you could get burned. But, you touched it once, you got a hot spot and you didn’t do it again.
Where has common sense gone? Some people would say that these warnings help companies avoid lawsuits, but they really don’t. Look at ciagrette companies. They put a warning on each and every pack that smokers huff down and yet they still get sued. All of the warnings have become counter-productive of course, since people just start ignoring them due to too many and then one day, you stumble into a live ammunition testing ground and it’s all over.
I have no idea where this is headed and I doubt many other people do either, but I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was getting warned about a loud sound that I was setting. Be Zar.