Warning for the Chevy Aveo

Besides being a general piece of junk, this GM product also has a safety problem with it that I found out about during a rental last weekend.
It’s pretty obvious that GM is trying to compete with the Japanese carmakers, but they keep forgetting something–the fact that they’re GM and they make crappy cars. For what it was worth though, the car got me to my destination and back, although I’m amazed that I made it. You see, the windshield is at something of an odd angle on this little car. This problem only becomes apparent when you get hit with a decent-szed rainstorm while you’re driving. Such an event happened for me and even with the windshield wipers on full, they couldn’t keep the rain from “pooling” up on the window, making my visibility nearly zero. Thankfully the car in front of me had its lights on, so I had to follow those until the rain got to a point where I could see again.
Every so often, I would hit small spots of rain and when I did, the windshield and the wipers were not up to the task. It was pretty frightening to tell the truth and gave me yet another reason to not buy from GM. Oh yeah, while the car gets decent gas mileage, the tank is so small you’ll be hardpressed to get 300 miles of highway driving before you have to fill up. That was a pretty annoying bit as well.