Warmth Redux

So, it seems that we’re having what a lot of people (myself really and truly not included) call “good weather”. This is weather in San Francisco that allows you to outside without the onion-layering setup because it is generally quite pleasant to most. I however do not like this warmth and more than happy to be a constant onion, thus the reason I live in San Francisco.
I remember this weather quite well last year, because it was two days from now, one year ago where I started my dastardly trek to Walnut Creek for my current job. This week also happened to be one of the warmest ones that they’ve had on record for the Bay Area. Many people loved it. They walked around, shirts unbuttoned a bit, burning a little, and generally stating how great it was. My poor self on the other hand was busy walking from the Walnut Creek Bart station to Diablo magazine’s offices, which happen to be a mile away. I’m certainly not adverse to walking and I do it a helluva lot around town since I don’t have a car. But, this is a long walk of nothingness and in this case, a considerable amount of heat. My new boss, took one look at me as I walked in drenched in sweat and red in the face and probably thought I was having a stroke, since I was and currently am one of about four people who commute from SF to Walnut Creek for the job. Everyone else there drives and yet they still bitch about the heat. They’re a funny lot.
So here it is again. I suppose I won’t be needing my 3/4 length black wool coat that has been such a good friend for the last few months. Perhaps the rains have stopped and perhaps it is getting warming, thus leaving me in the lurch and pining for my cool days back again. Maybe we’ll get some massive fog this year. One can only hope…