Walgreens (and others) Discriminate

Let me first state that Walgreen’s is a private company that really can do whatever it wants within the general bounds of the law. Sometimes (as I’ve seen around SF) there is a gray line of what they are doing to protect business and what they’re saying about how they feel about their clientèle.
Take for instance the Walgreen’s over on Polk and California. It’s at the edge of the Tenderloin part of Polk where things start to get a lot nicer in Upper Polk. Some might say that this Walgreen’s is the 38th Parallel of Polk, but that is just too grand for my tastes. In any case, have you ever tried to buy razors at this place? No, I’m not talking about the kind of thing that super sharp and dangerous, but those simple bits you pop in to your Gillette shave with. You have to go up to the counter and beg for them. Another thing you have to beg for is any kind of skincare product that costs more than $20. They keep all of those locked behind a case. You can look, but you cannot simply buy.
This locked case situation is also at the Walgreen’s on Sutter and Powell. The razor situation exists there as well. Another interesting fact is that they have nicer things there. More name brands grace the shelves and there are things that I might actually need to buy from time to time. I should add of course, that this spot is located right in the middle of Tourist Zone #2 (#1 being Fisherman’s Wharf.)
Now, let’s shift down to the location on Montgomery and Pine. Yes, there are even more name brands. Low and behold, the razors aren’t under lock and key. Also, only the priciest of skincare items are closed off. In addition to the razors being easy to buy, they’re often in stock and they have the kind of gels we guys need for shaving (namely the nice smellin’ L’Oreal stuff.)
What’s my point in all of this? Simple, Walgreens is playing a geographic discrimination game. I’d bet that if you head into Oakland, the situation is even worse. They’re certainly free to stock what they want where they want and to be honest, I actually like Walgreen’s. But it seems that with putting things locked away, they’re inferring that I’m a criminal before I’ve even set foot in the store. I’m not in to that. I’m also not in to electronics stores like Fry’s and CompUSA (the idiot savant of retail) making me check my receipt when I leave. I just walk out. Everyone needs to keep in mind that they can’t require this of you. It’s false imprisonment unless they’re charging you with a crime. It’s also ridiculous because every retail store knows that the vast majority of their theft comes from their employees and stupidity. So, don’t go along with this and just walk out. If they threaten to call the cops, let them. Unless you’ve actually stolen something, there’s no crime committed other than their wasting of police time.
That’s all fine, but it doesn’t relate to Walgreen’s, does it? No, it doesn’t. All I have to say about them is to buy stuff from places that don’t lock it up and don’t go where they think you’re out to get ’em.