It might be a bit hard to make out as I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me, but the above shot is a public tidal pool on the eastern side of Cape Town. By itself, it doesn’t seem all that impressive–a pool, yay. But what this is, is part of a series of pools that run from Muizenberg down and are constantly filled by the waves washing over the walls. Drains placed along the edges continually help the pool to then drain so that the water remains fresh. So in essence these pools were built a very long time ago, but still stand and are still heavily used by Cape Towners to go for a shark-free swim.
Again, this may not seem all that notable, but projects like this are missing the world over. They’re simple, cost next to nothing to maintain and benefit the public greatly. Another example that is much more common is my most favorite of traffic control systems: the roundabout.
I saw the whole series of these pools while going on a lengthy walk along the shore (again, something else for the public) and I marveled at their simplicity and use; even as the Winter sets in to the Cape. One can only hope that somewhere down the line, the municipal powers that be will come back to projects like these.
Permanent public works