Voting is the chisel. Polls are the brush.

Well, went and voted in this ridiculous recall election deal today. Judging by the use of the word “ridiculous” you can probably guess how I voted for the recall.
It’s interesting what’s happened to voting these days. I’m not sure if it used to be true, but we’re told that voting used to be the way you decided who led and what laws were passed and all of these other things that gave you democratic control over the country, state, and city you lived in. I don’t think it’s that way anymore. I think voting is akin to a large chisel these days. All it does is give you some kind of idea or rough hewn shape of how you want your government. Many voters are disatisfied with the choices these days and it’s true the candidates tend to say the same things with a slightly different angle to them.
I think what it really important are polls. Yes, I realize that voting is also called polling, but in this day and age, polls conducted by phone, media, or the lawmakers themselves are the only thing that decides what gets passed and what doesn’t.
So, instead of yelling at everyone to go out and vote, I’m almost to the point of telling everyone to make sure to answer polls. My father used to hang up on people when they would call the house to poll my family, but that isn’t the right thing to do. This is how your voice is heard and this is how things get decided. I think the Republican party would start adopting kittens if they new it would win them elections.