Vote, Damn Y’all!

Well, I put off what I was going to write about because I just remembered that we have an election today. Yeah, I know, it seems like we just had an election and we did. There was the Special Election last year that the block-faced idiot made us have. Before that in 2004 was the re-election of the miserable failure and somewhere else in there block-face pulled off winning a recall election.
Yup. We’ve seen a lot of elections in California lately and it makes sense that we’d get a little tired of them. Hell, even the election office seems to be getting tired. I got my booklet for the election today only last Friday. Pretty sad. But really, if you’re registered (Chris register, dammit!) then go vote. Sure, the whole primary part is a wah, wah, wah whatever, but Proposition 82 needs to pass. It levels some educational expense on the inordinately wealthy which they really should be paying. This isn’t my sense of jealousy speaking, it’s my sense of what just makes sense.
So get out there, vote and unless you make make more than $400,000 a year, voting Yes on 82 would seem to be the right thing to do.