Voicemail is so 1985

Why anyone still leaves voicemail these days is beyond me. I’ve only been realizing how inferior it is to just about any other kind of messaging in the last few weeks, because people are always trying to reach me on mine and yet, not reaching me.
It seems to me that next to face-to-face communciation, the phone is probably the next best thing, but in an offshoot of coked-up, gotta have it now thinking, voicemail came about as a “great” way to catch up with people when you couldn’t reach them directly. Nothing can be further from the point, since whenever you get a voicemail, you inevitably have to write it down, thus incurring a second messaging system. Even something stupid like, “Call coked-up, impatient sales executive.” takes time to write.
One alternative, email is such a better system. You’ve able to take time to reply, think through your answer, and really give a meaningful response. In addition to that, the message is already there in a sortable system. There have been people at my company who have literally 100’s if not 1000’s of voicemails that they’ve saved because they were “important”. Naturally, there’s no logical way to sort through all of this because everything is stored in a FILO or FIFO system (First In Last Out/First In First Out) that is very slow to trudge through. And let’s not forget that the voicemail system can crash (I’ve seen it) and everything that was “important” is suddenly in the digital wasteland.
I’m almost to the point where I see no purpsoe to voicemail with email, pages, and even overnight shipping. I’m not sure the fixation with it these days and I think it will soon die off with the advent of people who were in the workforce in the 80’s retiring and letting the rest of us get on with out much improved systems of communications.