Viewing your Digital Persona

Curious what your online persona stacks up to be? Then check out Personas. It’s a very cool MIT-based project that is not only interesting, but also looks quite good showing that form and function can indeed co-exist.
Mine is a bit too small to see, but “online” makes up about a third of it, which seems maybe a bit too little. I have no idea why 10% of it is “sports”. The “fame” at 10% probably comes from having a profile on IMDb and “genealogy” from having set up an account on Geni as well as possibly,, which I really need to redesign someday when I get the chance. Apparently I am also “social” as well as doing “design”. Pretty cool really.
Viewing your Digital Persona

2 Replies to “Viewing your Digital Persona”

  1. Well, I did took mine and the result was total absurd. I got more Legal, Fame than Online which I say, its all WRONG.. I am more online, next comes Sports… Nice try man.. How do the come about all this?

    1. I have no idea how they come up with it. On a whim, I ran a couple of people who are quite well known and it takes up to five minutes to compile their info. It scans a lot of sources, but I just don’t know know which exactly. Looks cool though :)

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