A Subsaharska redesign

Honestly, I hate articles about “Hey, I just redesigned my blog! Look! Look!” They’re masturbatory at best. So of course for anyone reading this who has kept up with this blog for some time, you’re realizing that I’ve redesigned it and am announcing it. That would seem to go counter to what I just said, but I have more of a reason to do this than craving attention (well okay, a little attention is always nice and I’m not above admitting that :)

First off, this blog was using the Okapi theme for the longest time. It happens that out of all the built-in themes, this little fellow is the most popular and so I wanted to have something a little different; a custom theme. Now, this is something that we’ve had as an option at Maneno to anyone who wanted to create their own in the past and then send it to us for inclusion, but I just wanted to show that yes, it can be done with relative ease.

Secondly, there is the header image. You can do what I’ve done here on your own blog now. I wrote more about this here and if you want to personalize your blog a bit more, have at it. Twiga, Toujous Pas Sage, and Canchas have all done this. As you can see, they started out with base themes that are then changed up a bit by the custom header.

Then there is the issue of uploading your own CSS. This is a function that will be arriving very soon. It’s something that we feel is really important and while other sites either don’t have or charge for this function, we will be letting people do it for free and they’ll be able to style the site in a way that embellishes a current template or allows them to create from the basic template like you see on the Site Blog. I’m using it here for the sake of testing and it should be available to everyone by the end of September if not sooner.

There were also some other small changes here that are worth mentioning like moving the feed icon to the top, making the the Maneno favicon “cuter”, and cleaning up our primary CSS a bit more to be lighter and run faster on older browsers/systems.

So, that’s why I’m bothering to announce this redesign as it means a number of good things for the site overall. I hope you like them.

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  1. Ah, you’re just saying that because you’re a fan of serif fonts ;)

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