Very important sausage update

A little while back I wrote about the most adorable dachshunds that one could ever hope to find. Well, it was a sunny day and as #1 Fan and I were out getting some milk, we just happened to find ourselves out of our way on Pacific. Lo and behold, the sausages were there, out suning themselves on the sidewalk. This naturally involved a petting session.
Turns out that their names are Rocco and Wrinkle. Rocco (on the left) is the barkier of the two and the more dominant one, although he will warm up to pets when offered. Wrinkle (on the right) is a complete whore for attention. He’s kind of like a friendly cat, rubbing his head in to you. Anyways, still the most friendly dachshunds I’ve ever seen.
Very important sausage update

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  1. Aixo es una passada i un abus de confiança preparat que quant en vegi no et sere amic

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