Valentine’s Wish to a Neighbor

I can be sitting at my new breakfast nook area, sipping tea, looking at people on the street and just generally enjoying things, when out of nowhere I hear, “Steve!!!” This is not a once a day occurrence. It will happen anywhere up to five or six times.
At first I was confused by it. I couldn’t quite understand what was being yelled and thought it was just a local construction site where monosyllabic words are the norm. But, after hearing this yelled as often as I have, I finally concluded that it’s a guy on street yelling up to another guy (apparently named “Steve”) in an apartment above. This must all due to the guy in the apartment either not having a door intercom hooked up or just not giving the other guy a key to get in.
Based on how often I hear this and the fact I hear no other voices yelling, “Steve!!!”, I can only deduce that these two are either family or in some way, lovers. Let’s run with the second theory as it is Valentine’s Day after all. Let’s also all join together to urge Steve to give his man a key and end the dominance trip that he’s on. There are many other ways you can take out passive-aggressive behavior such as this, so let’s try those.
So, to Steve and his street screamer, I wish you both a Happy Valentine’s Day, filled with chocolates, love, and housing access given freely.