U!S!A! Love makin’ not OK!

I just caught a glimpse of this poll which placed American men as the fifth worst lovers in the world. Someone the Russians actually placed better than the Americans, which I find to be a stretch given that the rates of spousal abuse as massive over there. I guess when not beating, they find time to caress gently. The best for me was that the English were nearly the worst because they let the women do all the work (somehow this wasn’t the case in Russia) and that the Germans were the worst due to stinking up the room. So much for the stereotype of anal retentive cleanliness.
Naturally this all led up to my Spanish wife getting the last laugh as Spanish men are considered to be the best lovers in the world. I’m convinced this is merely due to the women who thought this being there on holiday, drunk, and suffering from heat stroke during the love making. Naturally, this brings me back around to this video to prove my point and to try and sooth my annoyance with this poll that must have only been taken by Northern European gay men because then, sure, Spain is probably the best, not that I would know.
U!S!A! Love makin' not OK!