US Protesters Loves their Not Gettin’ Its

I am quite a fan of this article which is an op-ed piece on that moron tree sitter from Berkeley who got shot in the face with a tear gas canister while in Palestine. That article talks about how you can protest in the US and get a light slap on the wrist for getting out of hand, while there are actual dangers when you attempt to transpose this cavalier attitude outside our national borders.
Let’s face it, the US is awesome. This country kicks ass. Life here is really easy even in times when we have a down economy. If you ever doubt this, then read this article and remember that drinkable tap water is pretty good stuff.
Don’t get me wrong, there are huge problems in this country and it could definitely be even awesomer, but when it comes to fools like Canister Face, while I would never wish harm on guys like this, they do have these things coming to them. It’s complete vanity to go and protest Israeli aggression in Palestine areas. I’m completely against the land theft and outright military onslaught of the Israeli government, but there is no way I’m going to go over there and protest this fact. I think a much better start would be to try and stop the billions of dollars in aid that the US government sends to Israel each year. Stop the money and you stop the armaments which lead to the military incursions.
However you want to look it, it never ceases to amaze me how US citizens think that it’s the US wherever they are. This article on the most worthless of travels sites, Matador Travel, talks about how to smoke pot around the world. An interesting article for people who swear that pot isn’t addictive. You’d think they could go without it for a couple of week trip, but apparently that would translate in a totally bummer trip. The one rather large point that the author is rather daft to is the fact that while pot may be legal in some of the countries on that list, it’s usually only legal for the citizens of that country. If you’re a foreigner you will most likely spend some time in the pokey if you’re attempting to do your drug thing there. Let’s also not forget that bringing your own pot in with you is just about the dumbest thing you can ever do because no country in the world is at all kind with those who are appearing to traffic drugs in to their nation. I did happen to learn that Croatia’s rather hard line, piss off stance on marijuana makes me love the country just that much more.
In closing, a word to all the protesters wanting to change the world by “being” wherever the changing needs to happen: work on the US first and get a gas canister to the face later. Your one voice amongst the six billion+ of us will be much more useful if you do things in that order.