Uptick in Explorer

Web statistics can be fun. Well, maybe not fun so much as interesting. Well, maybe only interesting for those of us who are interested. Ah hell, web stats are geeky ass crap.
I track stats for every site I have anything to do with. They tell a lot and you get to see how people work with computers. For instance, there are a good number of people stuck on Firefox 1.0.7. The most probable reason for this is not that there is anything wrong with (the latest version as of this writing) but that they don’t have the auto-updater as you do with the latest versions and so it’s taken them awhile to upgrade. Out of sight and functioning fine? Then out of mind it goes.
It’s also interesting to see that for the month of July, I saw for the first time that usage of Internet Explorer 7 just bumped over the 1% mark and up to 1.5% on some sites. Not bad for a browser that still isn’t even officially released. Admittedly, from what I’ve seen and tried out, it will be a worthwhile upgrade for folks. It’s just funny to see how the hype affects what people use… or not.
Several articles have been written lately about how there is an upswing in Mac usage. This would make sense, seeing as how there has been no large update to the Windows software for five years now. Really though, this is just the Church of Jobs getting excited because I’ve seen at most a 0.1% increase in my sites. That’s nothing to get all crazy about and it’s certainly not even a hard number. The percentage for error could wipe that out. Undoubtedly when we see Windows Vista hit the stores, there will be something of a decline in the Mac, but we’ll see. Never before in personal comptuer history has Windows been able to run on an Apple machine. Who knows how that will all work out and I’m rather curious to see how the stats will read out for that on a website.
Speaking of odd stats, whomever has the 2560×1600 display out there, I envy you to no end. Even if that’s a dual display setup, that’s pretty damned awesome.