Undo Glibness

I’ve kind of had it with the cutesy headlines that have exploded like a mushroom cloud following the aftermath of both the recent hurricanes. The one I saw today, “Texas Couldn’t Hold ’em” on SF Gate is a bit much.
It seems like it is all part of the large deviation for our news sources as they try to meld with the entertainment sources that own them. And yes, I realize that sensationalism is method of attention grabbing that has been used for well over a century in this country by the media. But it would seem like with all the crap reality shows out that they would want to distinguish themselves from those sources of entertainment based in the real world and take their information based in the real world and give it a degree of respectability.
Perhaps not. The SF Chron continues with its USA Today look and feel. I guess it’s good to have the NY Times and Slashdot around for when I want to get Real News.