Watching the news a little bit in my hotel in Zagreb has shown me a lot of coverage about the impending Italian election. Besides the fact that you do not hear much about this in the US, the fact that 25% of the electorate is undecided is amazing to me.
Sure, it is Italy and it should come as no surprise, but really, you have to be an idiot to be undecided. I do not remember who said this in the US, but I agree with it. I mean, you know the platform of the candidates. You know how you feel. What is the deal?
It is like people are waiting for a candidate to bitch slap an orphan or something and then they will go, “Oh yeah, he is no good.” I do not know what he says because I cannot speak Italian, but I do not like Sylvio. I just do not like him. Any guy that gets tans and facelifts at his age is an ass. Case in point, Geraldo.
Maybe this undecided group will make up their mind if Sylvio, in his never ending quest for attention walks on to stage, shoots some random person and screams, “Yes, I Jesus, but I am a Jesus that kills! Vote for me!” We will see how this all ends very shortly though and if Il Professori kicks out permatan.