Un peu d’aide avec Aviso Internet?

So, I’ve been settling in to my new home well. Admittedly, as I saw, all the action is down in Abidjan and Abengourou is a bit slower pace. It’s relaxing though and as there is ready internet here, I have no complaints. There really aren’t too many choices in landline internet and as far as I know, Aviso is the only one in these parts.

At $45 USD a month for 1.2Mb down and 384Kb up, as internet goes in West Africa, it’s pretty reasonable and so far, pretty reliable. Yes, there are times when it is slower than others, but that just makes me have more of a purpose in online activities. The farting around aspect in being online gets largely reduced.

The only problem I’m having (and this is where the request for help comes in) is that this package came with this clunky USB modem to connect with. There are two and at times more of us who need to use this connection, so this simply won’t work as it is a one to one setup.

From the US I brought two ADSL modems (a Zxyel and a Brightport) as well as an Apple Airport Express. I figured that at least one of the modems would work and that the Airport could be set up with a PPPoE connection to bypass this whole USB modem garbage. It turns out that this doesn’t work and I’m stumped. In theory, everything should be happy. The Airport is set up and everything gives the appearance of connecting. The modem has a solid DSL light and seems to be happy. But, when it comes to actual browsing; nothing. Pages don’t resolve, nor do attempts to ping outside addresses.

At this point, I’m kicking myself for bringing the Airport because, while compact, easy to carry, and hapy to switch between 120/240v, it is also without a great many options and I can’t configure the WAN side of things as I would like to. So, is it the case that I need to spend another $100 of Aviso blood money to get their router/hub (which is the upgrade to this USB modem) or is there simply some setting somewhere that I’m not aware of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and earn a Flag or Castel (the big one, not the small one mind you) upon successful wifi-ification of this connection. Thank you!