Um, what’s a cough?

I came across this poster on the Bart the other day. Basically, it tells folks to not cough out in to the open air, which is sound enough, albeit on-the-nose advice. The thing that’s really amusing/sad is the “The CDC* Recommends” bit.

The asterisk is notated below by stating that “CDC” stands for the “Center for Disease Control“. I’m not exactly sure why they bothered as those who aren’t going to know what the CDC is aren’t probably going to be paying attention to this sign and will continue carrying pink plastic bags and coughing without covering their mouths. Those who do know what the CDC is already know this little nugget about coughing. I guess that in the end, they just had empty space to fill as no one is buying billboards these days and this looked better than a beige spot, begging to be marked up by one of those darned pesky whipper snappers.

Um, what's a cough?