Um, Spelling? Anyone, Anyone?

It is really frightening me how much we’re losing the ability to write in the English language. It is obvious that illiteracy has been around a long time and will unfortunately be around for some time to come, but I’m seeing people unable to spell in all walks of life these days. I’m talking about college graduates who write “root” when they mean “route” or jewelry professionals who write what they do as “jewlry”. These aren’t typos either (as you might see from time to time on my site :0). These mistakes are repeated again and again.
These are the folks at the top of what should be an easy language for them to converse in. I can only think of how defunct the language is going to get with all the kids growing up with marketing acronyms and text messages. “C U @ DNR, L8R”
We seem to be drifting further away from our written language and back to something iconographic. Will the trend continue? Probably. It is the nature of English to be flexible after all. I guess that’s the reason we use Latin to name new bugs that are found. But still, “jewlry”? At least use a spellcheck every so often.