Uh, Wha Happened?

It’s always dangerous testing out beta products. It’s just a shame that nearly everything is labelled “beta” these days in a new method to rush things to market only to get a “But it says beta, it’s not perfect.” response when things blow up as you try to use it. It’s just kind of funny that the majority of items Google has released these days are beta. A multi-billion dollar company and they’re releasing things that are essentially half-baked. Hoowah.
Of course, it’s nothing like Microsoft trying this because the irony about it is that they’ve been releasing what are basically “beta” products for years now. They just never put “beta” on them before. They just kinda shrugged, pushed it out the door with a couple service packs promised down the road. I lament this knowledge as I sit here with a badly functioning version of Explorer 7 on my machine. Like an idiot, I installed it thinking that it wouldn’t overwrite Explorer 6 which has been functioning as well as Explorer can function for some time now. Naturally, I was wrong and not Explorer 7 is THE Explorer on my machine. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the bugs that keep popping up. The main one lately has been that my File, Edit, etc. bar has disappeared. Luckily I don’t use this as my main browser, or I’d be screwed. I’d still like to know where they went or how in the hell to get them bad. Crappers. Viva la beta!