Two Dinkos, Two Jenyas, One Day. Weird.

Yeah, what the hell is a Dinko and what the hell is a Jenya? Well, first off, they’re names of people that I know. One Dinko is a good friend (originally from Sarajevo) I’ve known since college. The other Dinko that I’ve known since the beginning of this year, originally met in Zagreb for the first time and met up with again here in San Francisco as he was out here on work. I have no idea how I ended up knowing two Dinkos, but I did and on Sunday, Zagreb Dinko and I went out to shoot a bunch of photos around SF that I hope to have up soon. Then, later that night, it was Sarajevo Dinko’s birthday that I went to over in Berkeley.
Okay, so that’s two Dinkos in one day which was weird enough. Then there were the two Jenyas. The first Jenya was the same one that I’ve known for going on five years now that I bumped in to on my way down to the Bart to go to Sarajevo Dinko’s birthday. The other Jenya is a fellow that I met through this Dinko and we met on the way to the party. In case you were wondering, Jenya is actually just a nickname. It’s of Russian derivation. The masculine form is Yevgeniy. The feminine form is Yevgeniya. And of course I know both. Fun stuff, but not nearly as fun as the nickname for Aleksandr and Aleksandra which is Sasha for some crazy reason.
Overall busy and fun day, but just a strange thing when it came to the names.