Two Dinkos, Too Funny

So, as odd as it is, I know two guys named Dinko. One I met at Berkeley. The other I met because his name was Dinko.
I was working on Dinko I’s personal website – and I was curious who owned the other ‘dinko’ domains, so I took a look at and I found this other Dinko who lived in Zagreb who was serving his mandatory one year of government service over there. I found his blog funny and his photos to be really good.
Being the case that I enjoy hanging out with the Dinko here in the Bay, I figured on my last trip to Europe, I should meet up with the other Dinko. We did and got a couple drinks. It was a shame I was sick at the time, but that goes without saying. Good guy though and while you might think a Dinko is a Dinko, this is not the case. Different guys. Different websites.
My roundabout discourse here is all getting to the point that I found this photo of a sign on Dinko II’s website which made me laugh hard. At first I thought it was real, then I realized someone just messed with it and I love that person for it. Take a look through Dinko II’s other shots. They’re quite good.