Trying a new Medium


I’ve just put up an article on Medium called, The peasant’s wine. Naturally with this blog, the wine books, the wine blog and various other writery bits out there, one would naturally ask why on earth I would start writing somewhere else.

The intent wasn’t to try and dominate a market or overly spread myself out, but more just to see what they’re doing. The folks behind this are the same ones who came up with Twitter. They’re now taking trying to rebuild writing on the web. A noble pursuit and one not unknown to them as they came up with the original Blogger platform that Google now owns. Of course, thanks to their creating Twitter, the attention span of internet users has gotten even shorter so one has to wonder as to how longer than 140 characters texts will fare.

That aside, the interface is, so far quite lovely. Sleek and simple, it does indeed make writing quite easy and approachable to anyone. You just get in there and go. Curious is the “collection” system which seems to be a way to force people to add what is essentially a category to an article before publishing it. Obviously, this goes a long way towards helping establish meta information prior to publication, but, for those who need it simple (ie the older moms of the world) it forms about the only stumbling block I can find to getting in there and getting an article out. The mobile aspect is also quite nice as the site immediately scales to a phone or tablet without the need for any of that app garbage.

Probably my only question is that as it’s obvious they’re taking great strides to curate their content, I’m curious what they plan to do on that front. Will this be just another place with those already have a name or buzz around them rise to the top as seen in well, pretty much everything to date? Or will they come up with a way to promote the unknown and grow otherwise overlooked authors in the world. Given that I’m quite happy with WordPress for my writing needs, while Medium’s interface is nice, I don’t have too much of a reason to change. But, if they can pull off this latter point, it will keep me around to read what others are writing because no one has ever been able to do this.