Truth Be Told

This Article on Vice is a good one. It keeps harking back to my problem with the fact we all have to believe nothing is wrong in New Orleans because we don’t hear about it anymore in the media.
On a somewhat equally important note, it also brings up the fact I’ve discovered I really hate listening to burned-out hippies tell you about the “good old days”. I think I prefer hearing my grandfather tell me about life in Modesto during the Great Dperession, rather than listen to someone try to recall some really good time when they got stoned in some forest or something. Of course, they’re kind of foggy on the details, so you know, just go with the flow, man.
I’m not sure where the particular annoyance grows from other than the fact it is really, truly annoying and that I grew up around burned-out hippies talking about the “good old days” when I was carted around to art shows as a child. That later point might really have something to do with it.