Paula Góes has written a good article about the assassination that happened yesterday in Guinea-Bissau. The president, João Bernardo Vieira was killed while fleeing from his home.
This is news that isn’t necessarily that great for the populace at large. Everyone is a wee bit worried about an impending military coup happening, seeing as how Vieira came back to power after a coup in 2003 that led to his becoming president again in 2005. This was of course after already being president from 1980 – 1999. Not a bad run, but apparently there will be no more of this getting back in office nonsense anymore.
For those who are maybe a bit hazy on this particular Guinea, it’s the former Portuguese colony that’s just under Senegal and not be confused with the other two Guineas: Guinea (only ‘Guinea’ and formerly a French colony) and Equatorial Guinea (formerly a Spanish colony). Yeah, I know, when you look at this and the fact there are two Congos as well as eventually two Sudans, it makes you wonder why there can’t be a few more names to go around. Sure, history dictated a good deal of this, but still… Then again, no one wants probably wants to be another C.A.R. which is about as lame a name as U.S.A. when you think of it.
Of course it appears that I’m not the only person to pick up on this naming business. African Unchained gets in to the fact that in an unfortunate twist of irony, these three countries that share similar names also happen to share similar issues in their failing power structures. Weirdness.
Tricky News from Guinea-Bissau