Treasure Island Fer Free!

This last weekend was the Treasure Island Music Festival. When initially hearing about it, I looked at the itinerary and said, “Who the hell are all these bands? Sure, I know and love Goldfrapp, but Vampire Weekend? Do they do music?!! Is this what crap the kids are listening to now?!! I need to go ask those stupid art students across the street about this!!!” The Outside Lands shindig a few weeks back had a great number of acts that I knew and loved and were it not for the high ticket price to see others I didn’t care for all that much, I would have gone. Such was not the case with Treasure Island. I looked at the lineup and thought, “Hmmm, I’ll pass.”
Then, out of the blue, #1 Fan won two tickets to the thing. So, this of course meant going there and putting off going to the Dachshund Meetup. The sacrifices were great, but hey, we had free tickets to the concerts and it’s been maybe five years since I’ve been to a real concert.
Upon arriving, it became quite clear as to why there was this half a decade absence. I don’t like concerts. I think I stopped liking them at 23. The sound is never very good when compared to the album or a more intimate venue. The people pack in. The people are drunk and/or stoned. The people love to smoke in my face. The people pay $7 for a 20dl Heineken. It’s just kind of dumb, but I knew this going in to the whole thing. I’ve been to concerts before. I know the deal.
But there was still the issue of Goldfrapp to see. Right before them, Amon Tobin happened to be playing, which seemed cool as he has a couple of songs I like from his Supermodified album. He also happened to be the only other act that I knew of besides one-hit wonder, CSS. Well, Tobin sucked. He sounded nothing like what is on his albums. It was an hour-long set of drum, bass, noise, and occasionally distorted rat farts. It was not good.
Thankfully, due to the two stage setup, Goldfrapp fired up right away. They (and I always feel weird using the plural as it’s Alison Goldfrapp’s last name, although it’s her and Will Gregory writing everything) were great. They started out slow with some of the aural songs from the new album, Seventh Tree and then worked their way up in to the faster, heavier music of previous albums. I seem to remember an interview when they were asked why they shifted gears so heavily from Felt Mountain to Black Cherry and they admitted to really wanted to have some songs that would play better live. It’s very true. Songs like Strict Machine and Twist really get a crowd moving, just like Ooh La La from Supernature.
The only thing that was unfortunate in their performance is that a) It was too short and b) It was the wrong crowd. It seemed like the group that were there were bummed that Burning Man was over, couldn’t wait for Love Parade, weren’t sure if they were going to check out Folsom Street Fair this year, and might spend the winter in Maui running a “sweet” fruit and veg stand. I’m just saying that it didn’t seem like Goldfrapp’s crowd. We tend to be a wee bit geekier.
Treasure Island Fer Free!

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  1. I hear all CSS songs are about sex. Any sexy moves, or Brazilian dancers on stage? Are they even good looking people?

    1. I didn’t get around to hearing them. They were on at a different time than what I saw and I didn’t want to spend all day on the island, so you got me. From the photos I’ve seen, they look like a pretty goofy group.

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