Traveling Sick

Okay, so I am still in Slovenia as I write this and I am happy to almost be over a cold that seemed to really come in to its own once I touched down in Zagreb. That makes the second time I’ve felt like poo in Zagreb, but despite all this, I still really love that city.
As this is the third time in four trips to Europe that I have been sick, I would like to emphasize that it sucks. Yes, you can deal with it and take medication to alleviate the symptoms, but it takes all the wind out of your sails. At least it does for me and my exploring spirit goes in to a bit of a doldrum while my sinuses are clearing out.
Of course there are many other lovely side effects such as not really being able to taste the foods of other countries, which is one of my most favorite things to do. Take that away and I am just some other dorky tourist walking along, taking shorts, going Ooo and Aaah at things, hen going back to my hotel and crashing.
I somewhat have myself to blame on this as I am traveling in April after what has been a very long winter. The germs are everywhere and it was inevitable that I was going to catch them. I am just thankful I took it as easy as I could and did not go to Budapest or Dubrovnik which would have been the death of me for sure. Oh well, there is always next time and maybe that next time can fall between may and October. Stupid me.