So I got exposed to something of a tradition I had known little about when with the Hudins in Slovenia. For this, it was nice to actually be in Europe in Easter because I saw some of what people do and all of it I hadn’t known about before.
One of the things you see are people walking about with baskets on the Saturday before Easter. This is because they take some small, symbolic amount of food either to their local church or to a central home in their local village to get blessed by someone in the faith. Being a complete dunce about all things Catholic, I do not know the whole meaning behind this, just as I have forgotten the meaning of walking around holding an olive branch the Sunday before Easter, but I think that had another kind of symbolism in regards to a peace offering or what have you. Lots of symbols, but such is the Christain-based faiths.
Another tradition is one you hear. The Saturday before Easter, there are these constant booms in the distance. It’s like the Fourth of July for the US. The big difference is that instead of fireworks, it is kids blowing up gas in large metal drums. Something of a dangerous thing to do, but naturally, the kids seem to love it as they are exploding things. I did not quite get the whole meaning of this either, but think it may have something to do with getting the kids out of the house while the parents (most likely mom) are getting ready for the feast of Easter the day after. If only we could more the 4th to be the day before Thanksgiving, huh?