Total Dog Day

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was strolling around with Dinko last Sunday. Turned out to be an awesome day which was lucky because we went out with the sole intention of taking photos since he has the Canon 20D and I have the Canon 30D. Lens swapping fun be there.
Initially, we just hit up Duboce Park to see what doggies were out running around. Naturally, there were a great many and we took a great deal of pictures. Then, walking around and making a line for the top of Corona Heights Park, we came across the Chihuahua Cha Cha on the other side. This was totally unintentional since I had forgotten that it’s every first Sunday of the month. Once again, a great many photos followed as well as exposure to such names as ‘binky’, ‘teacup’, ‘bullet’, and my personal favorite, ‘peso’.
All of the canine fun has been captured for posterity in the Dogs Gallery and I’m sure that Dinko will post a great many shots of his own when he gets around to it as well.