Today is Snack Day: Freeway Cola


Bottles of brown carbonated water typically get a pass from me, especially after reading this but you have to admit that Lidl’s “Freeway Cola” is intriguing, primarily the “freeway” part. It makes me wonder if drinking it emotes being on a freeway, destination unknown, windows down, diesel fumes flowing, and bugs hitting your exposed skin while Tom Cochrane rocks the stock CD player in the Seat Ibiza? Or is it because it has the secret recipe you can only find from that sketchy Andalusian who sells soda from a used oil drum on the side of the northbound onramp of the AP-7 to La Jonquera? Partly, I want to imagine it’s a combination of both. Still won’t buy it though because my cart is full of 0.69€ a kilo sea salt that’s probably from the salt flats of Fukushima.