Toaster Oven’s Revenge

As I mentioned earlier, my previous toaster oven up and went and died on me. I have been without toast ever since and this has been sad, especially as I had just moved in to chocolate toast.
So, I finally sucked it in and went to go by a new toaster oven. This is a simple process really, because once you factor out the ones with cheap nobs, digital components, and doors that open in way too fancy a manner, you’re left with about two choices. You might be asking why I eliminate so many things and the answer is simple: basic appliances don’t break. We’re talking about a pretty simple device here. You turn it on, it toasts things. They keep trying to cram all this new stuff on to these things and it just doesn’t work. Turn it on and toast things, that’s all I really want.
I found the one that was simple enough not to crap out on me. It happened to only be $50 which is about how much one of these should really cost. I take it home, turn it one and it starts to toast itself with smoke flaring out the side, kinda like the Croatian bus except on a smaller scale. I looked closer and the whole side had been smashed in somewhat. I don’t know if that’s the reason it started burning or if it’s just so increidbly poorly made that it infers some kind of inbred dogs are putting these together in Canada now.
So, I’m down and out again. This hunk of crap is going back and I’m wondering if I get the same one or spend more for a Cusinart model, which seems to be the only one out there that doesn’t die. Given my luck though, I could probably kill it in under a week through normal use. Dammit!