To Own

As I was working on some code the other night, I started to wonder, “Who owns and what on earth do they do with it?” You see, for myself and a great many others I know, when you need to test out something on a website, you’ll often do things like enter an email of You don’t do this to get a result, but more to test a mechanism. We all kind of do it without thinking and it’s never for data that we really want to keep.
So, when you actually visit their site, you’ll see that there is some kind of business running there. There must be no way that they are able to use their email though, since their server must be constantly inundated with all kinds of spam due to the age of the domain name and miscreants like myself and others who just toss addresses at their space without really giving a rip.
I sorta almost feel bad and might make something of an effort to stop this practice and use something non-existent like flark@flark.flark which simply can’t be an address. But, as I look at it, it appears that the people have only had their name for the last three years. I wonder who much they paid for it and if they realized what they’d be in for once they bought it. Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe they came by it through inappropriate means. I don’t know. What I do know is that their website kinda sucks and that is such an easy email to remember that maybe in the end, I’m musing about nuthin’.