To Avoid the Kontroll

I quite like Pestiside. This site and its very NSFW offshoot called, Sexiside light up an otherwise dull Anglophone Hungarian blogosphere. So, it was with great pleasure that I stumbled across their Guide to Staying out of Kontroll. You see, unlike the US where we automatically don’t trust anyone, in Hungary, they run their public transit on the principle that you’ll buy a ticket, punch it, and honorably pay your way. This system works well in Germany, but has a great deal of fleeting success in countries non-Deutsch. Thus the need for the Kontroll to enforce this honor system, which shows that it obviously doesn’t work all that well.
When I was in Budapest last July, I did ride the Metro, but I always bought and punched a ticket despite the fact I could have easily faked speaking only Spanish (Step 3.1) and could have happily Run Tourist, Run! (Step 4.3). Some may call me a sucker, but at the same time, I don’t live there and my getting to use the Metro as a tourist is really to my advantage and I certainly don’t mind paying for the pleasure. Tourist who don’t pay to use public transit in places they visit should go bop around Africa for awhile and see how much fun it is not to have. Those living in Budapest don’t often follow through on payment it appears, even though they’ve got a nifty yearly pass that I’m praying the Translink will somehow become in San Francisco.
For a taste of the Metro in Budapest, you can watch the trailer for the film, Kontroll, which is really a lot better than the actual film was.

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  1. as it happens, i just watched this movie last night (odd coincidence), and i quite liked it. why didn’t you like it?

    1. It was just bizarre and not the storyline that I was expecting. I think I had gotten my hopes up from the trailer that it would be faster and more action oriented instead of this bizarre redemption story that takes place in the Budapest Metro.

    2. It reminds me of a movie made in australia in the mid 90’s with Russel Crowe.

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