To “its” & “it’s” we add café olé

In looking at this photo today, it didn’t really sink in at first, but I knew something wasn’t right. Upon re-reading it was then that I saw, “cafe ole”. Seriously? Literally, that is a coffee with milk, or if you choose to be all Frenchy about it, “café au lait”. This “cafe ole” (which should be “café olé” otherwise it’s “ole” as in “Ye of ole scuttlebutt”) must be some kind of excitable, bullfighting coffee that I’ve nary heard about yet.

It’s one thing to be illiterate and ignorant. It’s a whole other to be completely fucking lazy because if you search for “cafe ole”, you’ll see that Google is indeed smart enough to pick up on the fact you’re lazy and offer up the proper, “café au lait” on Wikipedia.

For those who may be confused by this and other such things, The Oatmeal (which is genius) has a handy guide to common misspellings (also genius) that people seem insistent on making. Whether this will have any effect on their affectations remains to be seen. Until then, I guess we all need to invest in coffee mugs such as these: