Why we don’t have a single power socket for the entire world never ceases to frustrate me. Naturally, when traveling anywhere new, I look up what the power socket configuration is. Since Ghana was a former British colony at the time when they rolled out the initial electrical grid, it would only make sense that they would use the British style of three pronged plug. But, you may read that in places that there is a mix of the British plug and the African style plug which is a two prong, nearly similar to the Continental European plug.
I have found this to be all lies so far. The only plug I’ve encountered is the one that matches the adapter below, ie the British style. Naturally, you might want to play it safe and keep a variety around, since for anyone coming to Maker Faire Africa from the US will find absolutely no US plugs at all. Again, why not a world standard?
If you’re already in Ghana and forgot your British style plug, never fear, you will most likely be able to find a street vendor on Oxford Street where I saw two guys walking around last Saturday with a full spread of adapters. That is one element of Africa that I’m really getting to appreciate in that whatever you might need is probably not more than 30 meters from you. Missing the street currency exchangers that were in Congo, but I guess you can’t have everything.
A word to those coming to Ghana